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“Acts of courage, valor and willpower have no expiration date…”

On September 20th Army Sgt. Robert Bearden’s ‘acts of courage, valor and willpower’ finally acknowledged after 66 years. In a ceremony held in his honor at Ft. Hood, Army Sgt. Robert Bearden lifted himself from his wheelchair and received 13 medals and badges for heroism that he displayed on and after D-Day. Among the honors he received were the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Prisoner of War.

Sgt. Robert Bearden was with the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He was the last paratrooper to leave the last drop plane. The outfit did not have the best of luck. They missed their drop zone; one paratrooper got caught up during the jump and even though Sgt. Robert Bearden tried to save him, the man died of a broken neck; some of the regiment drowned in the very river they were assigned to guard; Bearden had a bullet go through his fingers; and another soldier lost his nose. On ‘D-Day-plus two’ Bearden was captured and held as a prisoner of war until January 31, 1945.

For more details about Sgt. Robert Bearden’s ‘acts of courage, valor and willpower’ simply click on D-Day Paratrooper, 87, Saluted at Fort Hood.

Bearden proudly wore a uniform like the one he wore on D-Day complete with brown combat boots. He even had an American flag with 48 stars on it. Maj. Gen. William Grimsley presented the 13 medals and badges in front of an audience of 100.

Maj. Gen. William Grimsley stated during the ceremony “…acts of courage, valor and willpower have no expiration date, and that’s why we’re proud to be able to do this.”

The Advisors of “Union of Americans” full agree with that sentiment. We would like to extend our thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Sgt. Robert Bearden and all who have served America. It is through your dedicated patriotism, unselfish acts and heroic deeds that America is the great nation it is. ~ Editor


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