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ACORN Is Dead (But So Was ObamaCare, Once)

ACORN made it official this week that its national organization will cease to operate as of, ironically, April 1. Alas, the community organization never recovered from the blow inflicted by undercover filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, whose acting job as pimp and prostitute may not have been Oscar-worthy but was certainly good enough to incriminate workers at several different ACORN field offices.

While their remaining employees whined about “right-wing activists,” “partisan operatives” and attacks “unprecedented since the McCarthy era,” the reality is that many of the key local operations have already re-formed under new names — sleeper cells, if you will. “I don’t think it’s really dying,” said Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank. “It’s just retreating for the time being until it thinks it’s safe to resurface.” Kind of like rats and cockroaches do.

The “demise” of ACORN comes at a time when one of its main goals, registering voters in so-called under-served areas (which coincidentally run rampant with voters targeted by Democrats), could be called into play as Congress takes up yet another amnesty program later this year. As Investor’s Business Daily points out, “There’s still $4 billion at stake in federal government funding for ‘neighborhood stabilization activities’ out there. By changing its name, the former Acorn can continue its business as usual without any legal sanctions.” Hope ‘n’ change, baby.

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