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Headlines Tell the Story (February 20 – 26, 2011)

Week Beginning February 20, 2011

At “Union of Americans” we offer a review of some of the previous week’s significant news. This is done by listing headlines of that week. If you would like to view an entire article, simply click on that headline.

Wall Street Journal (2/20/2011)
 U.S. House Votes to Cut $61 Billion in Government Spending

Wall Street Journal (2/22/2011)
Gadhafi Battles to Hang On
Libya Regime Fires on Protesters in Capital; Nation Fractures; Diplomats Break Ties

Wall Street Journal (2/23/2011)
Middle East Roils Markets
Oil Soars, Stocks Fall as Libyan Rebels Take Energy Zone; Ports are Closed

Wall Street Journal (2/24/2011)
U.S. Pushes Mortgage Deal
Obama Proposal Seeks Multibillion-Dollar Settlement of Loan-Servicing Cases

Wall Street Journal (2/25/2011)
Libya Rebels Tighten Noose
Insurgent Commander Vows Assault on Capital; Desperate Foreigners Try to Flee

Wall Street Journal (2/26/2011)
Parties Eye Deal To Avert Shutdown

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