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Headlines Tell the Story (July 3 – 9, 2011)

Week Begining July 3, 2011

At “Union of Americans” we offer a review of some of the previous week’s significant news. This is done by listing headlines of that week. If you would like to view an entire article, simply click on that headline.

Wall Street Journal (07/05/2011)
Recession Hits Transit Budgets Despite Rising Needs

Wall Street Journal (07/06/2011)
Obama Skirts Question on 14th Admendments Place in Debt Talks

Wall Street Journal (07/07/2011)
In Fiscal Skirmish, Code Words Provide Cover for Politicians

Wall Street Journal (07/08/2011)
Entitlement Cuts Divide Democrats

Wall Street Journal (07/09/2011)
Worries Grow Over Jobs
Stocks Drop as Unemployment Rate Climbs to 9.2%; Private-Sector Hiring Sags

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