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Headlines Tell The Story (October 16 – 22, 2011)

Week Beginning October 16, 2011

At “Union of Americans” we offer a review of some of the previous week’s significant news. This is done by listing headlines of that week. If you would like to view an entire article, simply click on that headline.

CNN Money (10/17/2011)
Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Draws a Powerful Foe

USA Today (10/18/2011)
Most Illegal Immigrants Deported Last Year Were Criminals

USA Today (10/19/2011)
Citi Will Pay $285 Million to Settle Mortgage Fraud Charges

Fox News (10/20/2011)
New Drugs Target Cystic Fibrosis

New York Times (10/21/2011)
U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Obama Says

UPI (10/22/2011)
GOP Slams Record U.S. Unemployment

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