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Immigration Crisis 101 and 102

Immigration Crisis 101:

“Immigration Crisis 101” is caused by the current Immigration regulations, policies and laws. Roy Beck’s “Immigration by the Numbers” on the internet shows that the current regulations, policies and laws will end up flooding the United States with legal immigrants. This will eventually result in an increase of the National Debt to multi-trillions of dollars. The United States will then be delivered to those nations who supported our extravagant policies by lending us billions and billions of dollars.

Please go to Roy Beck’s “Immigration by the Numbers” on the internet. After viewing the 13 minute video you will understand the crisis that the current Immigration regulations, policies and laws have bought about. Roy Beck shows the logical conclusion that we will have to build an infrastructure that will cost multi-trillions of dollars if the current regulations, policies and laws are not changed. We, our children and our children’s children will be paying excessive taxes for the debt that is being created as a result of the current Immigration regulations, policies and laws.


The American People cannot afford the millions of immigrants that will enter the United States legally. Combined it all adds up to a National Debt that the cost of which will amount to trillions of dollars in interest alone and create a fiscal crisis that will make the current recession look like a picnic. Yes, the price of all of the above will be beyond the means of the American People.

As the Immigration regulations, policies and laws now stand, the American People are faced with a disaster. They must be revised to reduce the projected number of immigrants that the current Immigration regulations, policies and laws. 

Immigration Crisis 102:

“Immigration Crisis 102” is caused not by legal immigrants, which as stated in “Immigration Crisis 101” is a long term threat, but by the current “Invasion” of approximately 10 to 25 million “Illegal Aliens”. These “Illegal Aliens” have by invading by crossing the borders of the United States illegally and are responsible for adding approximately 10 to 25 million souls to the population of the United States. So the United States is faced with 2 crises; the long term problem of “Legal Immigration” and the immediate problem caused by “Illegal Aliens”.

The number of “Illegal Aliens”, approximately 10 to 25 million, is a threat to the U.S. economy and to the safety, security and promised future of the American People. This is true because the population of the United States has increased by approximately 10 to 25 million people that have entered the United States illegally in only a few short years.

The media and our Government has mentioned little about this influx of approximately 10 to 25 million “Illegal Aliens” and what it will do to the economy of the United States. Nor have they disclosed the fact that among the “Illegal Aliens” currently residing in the United States there are undoubtedly terrorist cells waiting to be activated by al Qaeda or other Terrorist Organizations.

President Obama, the Democratic Congress, the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security don’t know who these “Illegal Aliens” are, where they are, or what they are doing. There are approximately 10 to 25 million “Illegal Aliens” that have “invaded” by gaining access to the United States by illegally crossing our unprotected southern borders. Many of them now have the privileges of Citizenship. It would be easy for al Qaeda or any other organization to infiltrate those crossing the border and thus gain access to the United States. They would fade into local populations and become respected members of the community while awaiting the signal to be become active to attack and kill Americans in their homeland.


Immigration is a serious threat to the welfare of the American People………..

  • First current Immigration regulations, policies and laws will flood the nation with immigrants requiring schools and expanding infrastructure creating a National Debt that will be too much for the American People to liquidate and remain solvent.  (Immigration Crisis 101)
  • Secondly, the approximately 10 to 25 million “Illegal Aliens” certainly contain a number of Terrorist Units dedicated to the killing of American Citizens and the destruction of the United States. (Immigration Crisis 102)

 The above two immigration crises make the “Immigration Problem” solution critical to the safety, security and future of the American People and the very survival of the United States.

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