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Toxic “Heavy Metal” Threatening European River Systems

It seems that the United States is not the only nation to pay the price of finding, using and processing raw materials in an effort to create products desirable and necessary for life in civilized nations.
We’re referring to “HEAVY METAL SLUDGE” which is flowing into the Danube River system. The Hungarian Disaster of Toxic “HEAVY METAL SLUDGE” is a disaster of major proportions. One tributary to the key European river has been declared a “dead zone” which in itself is a terrifying thought. At least half dozen nations are being threatened by this disaster.
We offer our European friends our condolences on learning of the leak of “HEAVY METAL” into the Danube River system. The Euro-nations hopefully have available the resources to deal with a situation of this kind.
It is our hope that President Obama will recognize the disaster and offer the United State’s aid to our European friends. We may have important technology to deal with such a tragedy and it is an obligation of all Free Nations to come to the aid of those nations that will be impacted by the disaster of “HEAVY METAL” leaking into the Danube River system.
America has recently had our own disaster, the Deep Horizon Oil Spill. The American People are having confirmed the problems of the modern world with the safety, security and future of the People. The American People will be dealing with the effects of that disaster for the foreseeable future. The extent of the consequences of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill has yet to be learned. Ecologists are promising ecological damage to most of the Gulf of Mexico.
“HEAVY METAL” is a toxic substance, which can threaten the lives and well being of those exposed to the substance. The red sludge is a byproduct of making aluminum. With that in mind we urge that President Obama and his Administration take immediate steps to secure such toxic products as “Heavy Metal”. The United States needs to make sure that all such toxic materials are securely stored and disposed of in a manner that removes it as a possible target for Terrorist actions.
Secondly America needs to develop standby technology should the escape of such toxic substance into the air, into the rivers and into the land of the United States occur. The American People need to be able to minimize the effects that such a disaster will cause. 
Risking the label of being paranoid, we can’t help but think of what a clever Terrorist act this would be. With that thought in mind we urge all of the Free Nations to take immediate steps to secure such toxic byproducts so that Terrorist acts cannot be perpetrated.
 Yes, we may be paranoid but we’d rather be paranoid then suffer from “HEAVY METAL” poisoning. ~ dhb

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