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We Applaud President Sarkozy

French President Sarkozy declared war on al-Qaeda last week, a master move by the shrewd president. What he has done is engaged the French People in support of the all important war against terrorism.  There is no question that al-Qaeda is in charge of world terrorism and that it has at it’s disposal thousands of Muslim Terrorists waiting, willing and ready to destroy the United States. 
President Szrkozy has stated that all al-Qaeda Terrorists are enemies of the French People and will be treated accordingly by his Declaration of War against al-Qaeda.  While we in the United States have to read the Miranda Rights to al-Qaeda prisoners and all other Terrorists apprehended and remanded to sentences in jail.
The Advisory Board of the “Union of Americans” strongly recommends that President Obama should follow President Sarkozy in his Declaration of War against al-Qaeda and Terrorists. We hope that President Obama will recognize the benefits of a Declaration of War on Terrorism and Terrorists. 
The above is a small detail but in our opinion a great oversight in dealing with an enemy determined to kill Americans and wreak damage on the infrastructure of the United States.
Don’t you think that Terrorists are trying to destroy the United States and as such are the enemy of the American People? We do and we believe that millions of Americans share this opinion. So let’s follow France’s lead and declare a war on al-Qaeda, the top organization masterminding Terrorist attacks throughout the world.
~ dhb, Publisher

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