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Headlines Tell The Story (November 28 – December 4, 2010)

Week Beginning November 28, 2010

At “Union of Americans” we offer a review of some of the previous week’s significant news. This is done by listing headlines of that week. If you would like to view an entire article, simply click on that headline.

Wall Street Journal (11/29/2010)
GM’s Benign Outlook, and Uncle Sam’s Woe

Human Events (12/01/2010)
WikiLeaks Shows Iran Wags Obama

Human Events (12/01/2010)
GOP Must Stop Any Lame-Duck DREAM Act

Human Events (12/02/2010)
The Littlest Victims of ObamaCare

Wall Street Journal (12/02/2010)
Holdings Spiked Near Deal Time
Funds in Probe Traded Hot Stocks

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